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THE value of BA means . the space and responsibility that which he has in particular organization

Full for Of BA is  “BUSINESS ANALYST “

BA is the most important role in the organization that which will play a key role between client and the IT team he will gather requirement from the client and will communicate with the IT team . this is the most important responsibility of BA.

Apart from that he will  be complete representative of the company to communicate with the client .when ever there is any need for the client he should be available  to the client and should gather the needs of the client and should keep on communicating with the IT team.

IN these process he should also be in the touch with the IT team always and should follow the status of the work and should keep on monitoring the work weather the work is running in the correct way weather the IT team is fulfilling the all the needs of the client . the  project may take at list minimum 1 to maximum  3-5 years or etc… in the complete period BA is the parson who is responsible for the project that when it comes to the requirement this will place a major role because he is the person who will be the bridge between the client and the IT team the each and every requirement of the client will be communicated by the BA to the IT team .then only the project can be done in the easy way and in the time . BA also want to take the responsibility of the time period of the project they fixeation commitment between the client and the company before starting the project .BA should also look up to it . WE can say BA as the front face of the company because he is the person who want to meet the

client directly .by that he is having the chance of impressing the client  and chance of him to continuing the business with commpaney for long period . by thAT WAY he can help the organization or company to increase the business . BA want to conform with the IT team weather all the requirements of the client has been fullfeld in the project he is also want to send the project for the testing and want to conform wither all the functions are are working properly if there was any issue in that he want to recorrect all the things and want to check again by doing the testing and wants to conform with the it team and want to give a demo section to the client ones and should check with the client  wither he was ok with the project if not we want to get the feedback .ones again  we want to do the currections and want to deliver the project to the client in the expected time , by these we can know  how the value the BA role has .

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