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Testing and Its Importance in SDLC



To detect the bugs and in order to uncover it,testing is performed. The scope of the software testing includes execution of code in various environments and it will examine the aspect of the code.  Testing is a continuous process we can say a potentially endless one; it helps in rectifying bugs in the earlier stages. Furthermore by rectifying the bugs in earlier stage, it will lead to save  time; quality of the project and reduces  rework on  finding bugs in the initial stages every now and then.

Importance of Testing in SDLC

Identification of Bugs and defects

By implementing the testing from the initial stage of project, testing will determine the bugs and errors in the application. These bugs may be unit level or system level; by testing any type of bug can keep away which is affecting the application.

Information to Stakeholders

With the help of testing; it will help to know about the service quality and state of the product, which lead to stakeholders get good information about the product quality

Improvement of Product Quality

In the testing phase; it helps in knowing about the input given and excepted output. With the proper testing, with no error and bugs will lead to quality of an application and also a prefect application for end users

Technical Importance

In any SDLC life cycle testing is an important aspect as it comes out with technically sound application

Verification and Validation

Verification and Validation plays a vital role in SDLC life cycle, where testing can be a metaphor for verification and validation methods, because based on outcome of result by testing can come with comparison between qualities among different applications

Improves Quality

By implementing proper testing ,  application development gives more confidence of coming outstanding product and secondly by continuous testing will improve the quality of application , will make application more secure and safe application that can be used by the end users

Usability and Operability

One of the important aspects of the testing is to prove the software is both usable and operable. Where a specific group of user will get assigned so that the working of application is observed , like all user’s interactions like application running ; where it is facing the issues will be recorded and it will analysed.

Prevent Defect Migration

Most of the bugs can be detected at the software gathering phase, if errors are detected in the early stage; so that bugs can be prevented from migration to the subsequent development phase. Early detection of bugs and errors leads to huge saving in software development cost. It can be achieved by implementing testing at initial stages in SDLC.

In conclusion testing plays a vital role in SDLC. By implementing testing in SDLC product can achieve improved quality, bug free, error free and a perfect application to the end users.











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