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SWOT Analysis


What is swot analysis?
For every organisation swot analysis is important in the business world and in this competive world every business will use this and when we see the term “SWOT” that means strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of an organisation and these can be divided in two ways that is internal and external factors
Internal factors means inside the organisation that is strengths and weaknesses for example strength and weakness are our team members when they work and give best output the organisation will get the reputation we find inside the organisation and external factors these can found from other organisations opportunities and threats for example competitor is your threat
Identifying the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats:
Here strengths and weakness will have almost same like when we strengths we have the weakness and when we have weakness the same way we have strengths this goes in vise versa
Suppose we take strengths, we see financial strength so we need to see what the financial source for the organisation is and what we have to do for that and suppose if we take customer strength how the prices are varying means whether it is low pricing and get the best outputs.
Suppose we take weakness, we see financial weakness that is we may have large number of competitors entering in to the market and we may have low market share and the same way if we have customer weakness where we have to improve and where we need to get the best output.
Suppose we take opportunities we see the financial opportunities what is the biggest opportunity we get and make use out of it and get the best results and from customer point of view how we are getting the opportunities and how well we are taking that and solving and getting results.
Suppose we take threats we see the financial threats like what change could make us better to improve our self and check what the obstacles are and we take from customer view the person may not purchase from the same organisation.

What are we going to do with this SWOT analysis?
Here developing the strategy itself is a big thing in swot analysis defining the objectives of the company creating those projects and that comes in to reality and identifying the measures what we need to take.

Example : Launching a new mobile variant suppose we have real me mobiles we have variants in that from low to high cost and now getting in to 5G also here we will see SWOT of that :
 How are the products / services better than other competitors?
 What is the unique selling point? (Like the place we can take or online purchase or through website)
 What are your strongest assert in releasing the new variant?
 In which sections the organisation needs to be improved? (Like camera, battery)
 We need to think whether it is making business properly or not (like variants with how low cost mobiles are getting money or high cost mobiles are getting money)
 Do we think the service is well or not?
 Which latest trends does u think can bring new opportunities for the organisation?
 Will these trends work properly and give the results?
 Where does the current market will be successful or lacking?

Threats :
 What are the road blocks we are facing?
 Target audience may take the products from similar organisation or not?
 Are there any competitors to get down your business?


A SWOT analysis will be most helpful if you use it to support the vision, mission, and objectives you have already defined for the organization. It should finally
Build on your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, seize opportunities and counteract threats

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