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Stock Maintenance

As we can see that there are many stores opening in several cities every year and customers purchase most of the products from the stores as customers preference in buying patterns are changing time to time which creates an opportunity to the service providers to enhance the services and sales to meet the business need. Because of this stores uses a system named as stock maintenance system to maintain the stock and product details in the store.

The stock maintenance system has different modules which contain the details regarding product, purchase, sales and stock. What are the stocks the store has are maintained in this system.

The product details module contains product code, product name, opening stock and prices. These details are maintained in the database by admin. Another module is purchase which has the details about the store, quantity and price. The sales detail is one of the modules which contains date, customer name, product code, quantity and prices. The stock details module contain product id, opening stock, purchase stock, current stock and sales details. The stock details are maintained in the database and the admin can view the stock between the two dates.

Above mentioned modules helps business owners to track, monitor and manage stock in store.

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