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Stakeholders Analysis matrix:

Who are stakeholders:-

Stakeholder is any person or Organization ” who impact the project & who impacted by the project”


Stakeholder Analysis:

It’s process of identifying and analyzing the stakeholders that are likely affect or be affected by proposed action either positive way or negative way.

  • Identify Stakeholders: Identify the persons likely to be affected by or influence the activities in the organization. It can be done by Brainstorming session.
  • Identify the stakeholders needs and requirements about the project.
  • Identify the areas where the actual problem and how we are going to decision on


It is used in project management to develop the cooperation between stakeholders and project team. The key stakeholders are involved through out the project and taking inputs from every stage of project.


Stakeholders are divided into 4 types depends on their interest and power of the stakeholders.

  1. High power and High interest stakeholders
  2. High power and Low interest stakeholders
  3. Low power and High interest stakeholders
  4. Low power and Low interest stakeholders

Stakeholder analysis document should be prepared to maintain records.

Stakeholder Name Position Role in Project Power Aware? Interested? Communication Goal Contact Frequency RASCI


RASCI responsibility matrix is one of the methods used to assign & display the task and responsibilities of stakeholders in project.

R – Responsible

A – Accountable

S – Supporting

C – Consulted

I – Informed

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