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Stakeholder Analysis

A stakeholder is any person or a group of persons or an organisation that is directly or indirectly effected or impacted by proposed IT solution. These stakeholders usually be grouped into the following categories, project stakeholders, business stakeholders, third party stakeholders and negative stakeholders. There are number of stakeholders involved in a project. So, stakeholder analysis is the important part or the process while working in a project.

The stakeholder analysis is frequently used during the preparation phase of a project to access the attitudes of the stakeholders regarding the potential changes. Stakeholder analysis can be done once or on a regular basis to track changes in stakeholder’s attitudes overtime. Stakeholder is a systematic way to analyse stakeholders by their power and interest. High power & high interest stakeholders are key players. Low power and low interest stakeholders are least important.

In stakeholder analysis first, we need to identify stakeholder. To identify stakeholders there are some activities performed such as,

  • Conduct a stakeholder analysis
  • Determine if they have been engaged before
  • Consider the social, technical, economic and political context
  • Conduct research to understand stakeholders issues and needs
  • Consider how are we going to reach stakeholders, online or offline

Stakeholder analysis helps to identify an overall picture of who is involved & how, the interest of stakeholder in relation to project objective, which stakeholder will be directly affected by engagement outcome, any potential conflicts of internal organization etc.

There are some other factors for stakeholder analysis such as,

  • Identify Stakeholder
  • Listing Document
  • Stakeholder Summary
  • RASCI Matrix – (Responsible, Accountable, Supporting, Consulted, Informed)

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