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Stakeholder Analysis

Who is a stakeholder?
Stakeholder can be a person or group of persons or an organisation that is directly or indirectly impacted with the proposed IT solution.
There are three different types of take holders:

  1. Project stakeholders
  2. Business stakeholders
  3. External stakeholders

Project stakeholders:
Project stakeholders are usually the internal technical team of the IT company who is providing the solution like PM, BA, Business architects, Solution architects,Developers,Testers.

Business stakeholders:
Business stakeholders are those who are directly connected with the business like Business owners, Department heads,SME’s,Ambassdors, SPOCS and etc..

External stakeholders:
External are usually the 3rd party consultants who are from external sources like COTS (Commercial off the shelf), MOTS (Modified off the shelf), Political parties, Pressure groups
What is stakeholder analysis?
Stakeholder analysis is technique or process to identify the key persons whose interest is to be considered in developing a solution.

Steps to be followed to perform stakeholder analysis:

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Stakeholder listing document
  • Stakeholders summary
  • RASCI Matrix – Responsible, Accountable, Supporting, Consulted, Informed.

Identify Stakeholders:
Identification of stakeholder is one of the most important step in the project management as the project are undertaken to satisfy the requirements of a stakeholder.

Stakeholder listing document:
Stakeholder document is a list which contains both internal and external stakeholders.

Stakeholder’s summary:
Using this stakeholder summary you will adapt or delete information pertaining to proposed IT solution.

RACI Matrix:
RACI matrix is technique used for categorization of stakeholders and clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder in relation to the proposed IT solution.

R-Responsible: This speaks about who is completing the task.

A-Accountable: This speaks about who is making decision and taking action on the task’s
C-Consulted: This speaks about who will be communicated with regarding decision and tasks
I-Informed: This speaks about who will be updated on decision and actions during the project.




Goal of stakeholder analysis:
Goal of stakeholder analysis is to develop and build cooperation between stakeholders and project team which ultimately lead to the successful completion of the project.

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