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Stake Holder Management Strategy


Stakeholder is one the project team and Management team is answerable. They are an individual body where an individual  (or) companies make deals and the agreements with financial benefits. Stakeholder is effective factor (or) person in a business and also creates an impact while formulating all the policies by the high level management, in a company. In different cases stakeholder changes and their users are stakeholders. For any given public projects the government is a stake holder to the companies handling the project. So being a part of any company (or) the project as a clients are stakeholders.

Discussing about stakeholder management in the case of E-commerce industry for example Amazon is the leading Retailer in the world who delivers all type of goods to the customers by adapting tools and data and lot of employment, human resource managing a large scale of logistics around the Globe. In this case Customers are the stakeholders, secondly the management is referred as stakeholder management. In different cases Amazon hires different carriers who will deliver packages based on Zip codes. This carriers , This case Amazon will be a stakeholder to the carriers and by managing all the data of delivery Amazon creates a complete new stakeholder management system.

For implementing and creating the data and managing it corporate uses different strategies by collecting correct requirements from the stakeholders and maintaining absolute team size with ample division and allocation of work. Meeting deadlines on time and documenting the requirements in proper format and while testing capturing error and fixing it properly planning proper contingencies while going the deliverables.

By adapting all these strategies all the corporate handle the clients/stakeholders with absolute pin point strategies to obtain ideal results.

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