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Solution Assessment and Validation

Solutions are assessed with respect to market standards and financial status of the organization. Finally at the end of the project the so called BA performed tasks and activities should create some deliver value to the Organization. Organization approaches the BA and explains about the needs and requirements of the company, BA finds the set solutions out of those the selected solutions should ensure that they meet the agreements of the stakeholders, enhance the business values and do not contradict the organizational structures.

Activities performed by a Business Analyst

Ø Assess proposed solutions

Ø Requirements Allocation

Ø Organizational readiness Assessment

Assess proposed Solution

Performing Various tests to confirm that the solution meets performance related goals such as response time, availability and scalability. After requirements have been defined and prioritized the proposed solution with it set of requirements is analyzed to determine whether the solution will deliver sufficient business value to justify its implementation. This can be viewed as kind of a check point or gate to make a go/no go decision before the solution is acquired or built solution assessment may be performed on a single solution or be used to compare multiple proposed solutions to recommend the best course of action to proceed. The main output of this “Assess proposed solution” is to assess the value delivered by each proposed solution. If they came up with the multiple solutions, the best solution should be made.

Requirements Allocation

This is the major step in the engineering process. In order to meet the top level requirements, they are assigned to one or more functions to implement. The assignment may be as whole or segregating them into parts to separate functions. For example If we consider after swiping a card / generating OTP the both were designed in such a way that the PIN no / OTP should be entered in the gap of 7 to 10 seconds that is maintenance time has been assigned to them.

The requirements allocated are documented in low level requirement document. At the lowest level a subset of requirements are assigned to a particular hardware/software item. If we consider in big projects, software tools become very useful for the requirements allocation and tracking process. By tracking it would be helpful for managing huge information and everyone and everyone on a project has the most current information. Requirement allocation is not a one-time activity they can provide feedback and adjustment to the assigned requirements at the design and testing process. These changes propagate to higher levels and by tracing back their impact, by these we can determine how they affect the top-level goals of the project.

Organizational Readiness Assessment

It is an official measurement of any organization to undergo major change or take a new project through the proposed solution. By checking whether the proposed new solution is effective and organization has the resources to accomplish it effectively. By conducting organizational readiness assessment gives the knowledge and assurance that the company proposed solution will be successful if we decide to go ahead and do it. It can also save the company reputation by allowing you to avoid a potentially high profile failure for engaging in a project you were not ready to complete.

This assessment also gives about the company ability to address any potential issues before they become big problems as they move forward on the proposed project. This is important because it will save the company’s time and money, even improves the profitability of the change.

Solution Validation

This is the important technique to ensure that the implemented solution delivers the defined requirements. Problems or issues identified during solution validation are reported and prioritized for re-solution. When a problem is identified with the solution such as a failure to meet the stakeholder requirements that was not correctly specified, in such cases the business analyst helps in determining the most appropriate action to re-solve the problem. The output obtained is compared with the acceptance criteria approved by business owners. Validation is whether the implemented solution is right for the product or not.

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