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Skills and requirements for a good BA

Skills and requirements for a good BA


As a BA you need to have varieties of different skills and nature to adapt to the changing environment. Business Analyst will bring their unique blend of skills and experience to the role

Below are some of the skills and requirements of a BA

Good Communication Skills

Communication is the major requirement of a BA as she is responsible for facilitation the meeting and the first face to the client

The BA should be aware of the jargon and acronyms for good communication with the client and as well as technical team’s BA should possess strong communication while face to face and virtual (conference call and web meeting)


Presentation Skills

BA needs to facilitate workshops and give a presentation to some stockholders according to the requirement. The presentation would be the best way to extract more information or clarity from stakeholders


Documentation and Writing Skills

As a BA you need to prepare a different range of documents for Requirements documents, reports, specifications, plans, and analysis. Documents should be clear, complete, consistency and understandable to all the stockholder.


Business Analysis Tools

The BA should have free hands-on experience in basic office tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and visual modeling tool are Microsoft Visio. Other technical skills include the ability to use more sophisticated modeling tools, Enterprise Architect, requirements management tools, such as DOORS or Caliber, or project and defect management tools.


Stakeholder Management

Every stakeholder doesn’t have the same view of the project. BA is the one who needs to drive all the stockholders to one path. The BA should know how to manage different stakeholders. how much management each stakeholder needs and how they should be individually managed. The BA should manage stakeholders by face to face meeting or by preparing a high-level report



As a BA you need to have a perfect plan to implement a software development life cycle.The BA should end to end grip on the project, how are important stakeholders, SPOC, team members and other people who are indirectly influenced by the project.BA is responsible for the seamless implementation of the project, she should have the power to control if something goes wrong in the implementation.








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