A project goal is deciding what you want to do and learn in a project. A road
map. It helps you get where you want to go.
A goal must have action. How are you going to do something?
A goal must have results. What are you going to do? Be Specifie.
A goal needs a time table. When are we going to do it.
In project management, A goal is the ultimate aim or desired outcome of a
It is very high level but defines exactly what is the outcome. To define a goal,
you need to be able to foresee well ahead of time.
Defining a goal is very key to project success, as it helps to check if t project id
moving in the right direction and tasks are well aligned with your goals or has
deviated out of its scope.
A project has minimum one goal but can also exceed.
Goals can be short time goals or long-time goals. Make sure that your goals are
SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound)
Example of Smart Goal: increase sales by 50% at the end of 2022
Increase employee count by 40% by the first quarter.
Find 3 investors in the next 3 months
Close deal by this month end.
Example of Vague Goals
Develop a good product for my customers.
Conduct event.
In project management, an objective is a detailed task that must be attained in
order to achieve the ultimate goal.
It is very specific and detailed.
Make sure that your objective are SMART

Example : of an objective
Goal: find 3 investors in the next 3 months.
Objective: Find one investor per month.
The best way to monitor project progress is gantt chart is one of the most
popular ways to track your project progress. It gives project mangers and
teams members a visual representation of progress in real time. Gantt charts
also make it easier to see how tasks are connected. A gantt cart is a project
management tool that illustrates work completed over a period of time in
relation to the time planned for the work. It typically includes two sections the
left section outlines a list of task, while another section has a timeline with
schedule bars that visualize work. Gantt chart is something which shows how
much time we will need to complete the different phases of the project.
Few simple tips one should follow to monitor the daily progress on your
projects are
1. Create a project plan
2. Plan daily check-ins
3. Discuss goals and project progress.
4. Communicate expectations
5. Update your plan regularly.
We should create a project progress report where what is the current
status and prior status should be captured with brief summary of it. Is
the project status, scope, schedule, cost, risk is calculated properly or
not, different tasks are measured in such a way where tasks its objective
status planned actual progress complete deliverable
Monitoring progress of goals is measured by identifying what you want
to achieve. To develop long term and short term goals, it is also
important to identify what action you want to accomplish and what type
o outcomes you’re seeking, set a deadline, set a milestone, turn your
goals into SMART goals and doucument review the progress of project

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