Security Testing

Security Testing

By Mohamed Hassan


Security testing is one of the major contents any industry would require. In this blog we will know more about how the testing of security is very crucial as in a fast paced developing tech world, it should be aimed for every company to maximize their security from external threats. Security testing has not only been helpful to industries like banks or big tech companies, but to small and medium companies as well. The information companies hold and their algorithm is much more valuable than the money they have stored back home.


In this modern world with emerging technologies, the cyber security is improving at each level within micro segments to create firewalls that keeps the hacker or external dangers out of leaking in the system. Many companies that are customer based, the information about the customers that could be useful for hackers are stored in databases with a huge security firewalls tested and diversified at each level. Updating them at each segment making sure it is still intact. Applications that are launched today or since the beginning, asks the user to fill in the details that are personal. These app store the details of the user in a database and makes it visible and usable only for particular users. Security testing for these applications are required every time the application is either updated due to fixing bugs or due to new versions. User himself needs to use the security of the app to log in or use the application as a matter of fact which makes the external dangers or hackers difficult to get into the system.

In this modern world of advancing technologies, mobile phones and also applications require biometrics which now makes it even harder to get into the personal details of the user. For example, if the robbers plan on robbing a bank, it requires them to be physically be present their to make that happen and if the bank security guards are pro-active they could probably stop the robbery. But nowadays, with internet practically ruling our lives, robbing a bank has become easier while securing it is a big deal!. Now without knowing what to secure, how will the securing strategy work.


Instead of thinking about this at a point where it happens and then come up with a solution, Application testing when it is being integrated in the product life cycle from the very beginning can actually help them be defensive from potential risks and threats.


On the other hand, Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many more used to save passwords in plain texts which was then accessible to 20,000 employees. Boom! Suddenly the crisis happened were the passwords were hacked and it affect millions of the users and cost them a whole lot in their life. Apparently the employees were not aware of this security breech for more than couple of years until it happened. This proves at the end that there is no shortcut to completely securing. This is why the investors need to spend more on an application testing strategy.


To Conclude


Securing the databases of companies and applications is worth the amount spend rather than make it fragile and suffer losses in long term. Security testing only requires it be delegation of a disciplined action to protect and monitor billions of interconnected data and devices throughout the world. Always remember the fact that if one of the devices or the company or the application is being compromised it effects the ones that are connected along with it. As a matter of fact at that point it makes it easier for the risks and threats to enter the life cycle rather keeping it out.

Security threats are constant and will happen until the day the internet is shut down in the world completely, until then this can be dealt with complete and continuous monitoring and having a dynamic testing strategy. As mentioned above, companies making sure that these security testing strategies are involved in the life cycle at the beginning which will last till the end.

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