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Security Testing

Security testing is type of software testing which ensures that the system or application is secured from threats, unauthorized users and vulnerabilities. This used to protect the system data and maintain functionalities. Security testing ensures that system application in organization is secured and free from threats that may cause big loss to this organization.

There are different areas where security is required:

  • Client-side application security
  • Server-side application security to ensure that the server code and technology at the server side is safe
  • System software security to ensure operating system is safe from threats
  • Network areas

Security testing is used to maintain the confidentiality of the organization and to make sure that the unauthorized users are unable to access the system and access data.

The main purpose of the security testing is to:

  • To avoid loss of customer trust
  • To secure applications from unauthorized users
  • To avoid system getting hacked
  • To avoid system or application getting attacked from malicious hackers
  • To avoid hacking of data

There are different types of security testing

Vulnerability scanning

This is done by automated software which scans the whole system to find if there are any vulnerability signatures.

Security scanning

This is used to find out if there are any weaknesses or loopholes in network or system. This scanning can be done both manually or automated.

Penetration testing

This kind of testing helps us to find out attack from malicious hackers, how the hackers try to penetrate, so that the system or the application can be secured from hacking attempt.

 Risk assessment

The flaws that have been found out through the security testing those are classified as low, medium or high risks. This helps us to control and reduce risk.

Security auditing

This is an internal inspection of application and operating system for security threats. Audits can be done by line by line code inspection.

Ethical hacking

Unlike malicious hackers, who steal data for their own gain, ethical hacking helps us to expose the flaws in the system and that can be fixed.

Posture scanning

This is a combination of security scanning, ethical hacking and risk assessment so that we can show the overall security posture of an organization.

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