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Scrum is a methodology stated before starting the project or in between the project.

Scrum Process:

In this scrum process business analyst, developers, testers formed as a group app 7to 8.

Product backlog:

In this section all requirements are divided

Product owner:

Product owner know the need of the application . he guide the team how the product output should come out. Generally business analyst play this role or client .

Scrum master:

Scrum master is responsible for entire project. If any of the team member have some queries about the project. They need to update him.

Product burn down:

This session is conducted before starting the sprint ,what is deliverable should come out.

Sprint  :

In Sprint, features are divided as deliverables, time is 2 to 4 weeks.

Sprint planning :

This is the meeting conducted before starting the sprint

What we have to do today

What we have to do tomorrow

Is there any impediments stopping you

Sprint review meeting

In this demo will be shown to the product owner .

BA role in scrum :

BA is responsible to gather all the requirements All the application feature are divided

As a


I want


So that I can

Perform activities





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