The scrum is a light weight process and can be implemented where faster delivery is required. There is no documentation required for scrum process. It supports customer retention as there is no documentation. It does not support scalability and extendibility and the code in itself forms as documentation. There are four main values in scrum process:

àIndividuals and interactions over process and tools.
àPrefer working software over comprehensive documentation.
àThere is customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
àThere is responding to change over following a plan.

The SCRUM can be implemented either at the beginning of the project or when you sense the project is failing behind schedule. This model exercises full admin power. The project resources are grouped as scrum teams which comprises of BA’s, developers, testers, each team will be of size 7-8 members.

The product owner will decide what needs to be in the product and will be responsible for how the product has to be. The scrum master will monitor the performance of the team within the sprint. Sprint is the period that team decides to deliver their objective.


The meetings in scrum are comprised of sprint planning meeting, daily scrum meeting, sprint review meeting, and sprint retrospective meeting.

Sprint planning Meeting: This happens at the beginning of each sprint and team decides on what they will be delivering in the sprint.

Daily scrum meeting: This happens each day where tem will answer what tasks are to be done for the day and tomorrow.

Sprint review meeting: This happens at the end of the sprint where team will demo the completed stories and to product owner and get it cleared.

The role of BA in scrum is from the beginning of the project since it is kicked off. BA does the requirement planning then conducts various requirement gathering sessions and analyses the requirement.

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