What is SCRUM?
Scrum is one of the most popular frame works for implementing Agile. It is a framework for managing projects with an emphasis on software development. Scrum can also be defined as an iterative development methodology to manage software projects.
The USP of Scrum is there will be no specific project manager directing the tasks entrusted to the team but on the other hand, Teams will be proactive and self-directed with team members depending on communication rather than documentation for effective and efficient delivery of the project.
Scrum team size will be usually 7 to 8 members comprising of BA’s, Developers and Testers. The other important elements of the team will be Scrum Master and Product Owner.
Scrum Ceremonies/Meetings/Events :
Four formal Ceremonies or meetings are prescribed by Scrum for Inspection and adaptation of the software project.
1. Sprint Planning Meeting:
At the beginning of every Sprint (Sprint is the time duration decided by the team to deliver the objective, normal duration is 2 weeks but may be extended to 4 weeks) the team will meet and decide on what they will be delivering in the Sprint. This meeting is called Sprint planning meeting.
2. Daily Scrum Meeting :
It will be a short but specific stand up meeting which will be held every day, where team will answer only 3 questions.
• What activities did you do today?
• What activities are you going to do tomorrow?
• Did you face any challenges/hindrances that are obstructing your activity?

3. Sprint Review Meeting:
At the end of every Sprint the Team will demo the completed stories to the Product owner and obtain his approval/clearance for the same and this meeting or event is called Sprint Review Meeting.
4. Sprint Retrospective Meeting :
At the end of every sprint along with the sprint review meeting another very vital meeting is held which is called as Sprint Retrospective Meeting. In this meeting team will answer the below three questions.
• What went well in the Sprint?
• What went wrong in the Sprint (or) what did not go well in the Sprint?
• What are the areas which need improvement in the next Sprint?

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