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Scope( In Scope and Out Scope)

The Field of Project Management has a unique vocabulary filled with acronyms and Specialized terms. Three essential concepts included in that are viz. Scope, Risk and Assumptions. The scope of this blog is about Scope and what In Scope is and Out Scope is.


Scope is the set of boundaries the boundaries that define extent of a project. The Scope is what is to be delivered to the customer as a result of the project initiative. Understanding the scope allows what falls in side and what outside the boundaries of Project

In Scope:

Activities that fall inside the boundaries of the scope statement are to be considered In Scope Activities. For Example the Requirements that are present in the BRD are In Scope requirements.

Out scope:

Activities that fall outside the boundaries of Scope Statement are to be considered as Scope –out Activities.  For Example any change request that comes as new update to the system may be considered as out scope Requirement.

As an example. Imagine of Building a software for ATM machine. As the outlined scope of the project i.e., in scope include:

  • Balance Check
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Printing the remaining balance

In middle of the project, business asks you to include ‘printing of Mini statement’ which is not included in the initial set of requirements which is out scope.


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