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RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix)

This is important document in software testing it connects the requirements to the test cases.

It is a table that shows many to many relationships between requirements and test cases.

There are two concepts in RTM –

  • FTM (Forward Traceability Matrix): In this concept we check whether each requirements have test case or not.
  • BTM (Backward Traceability Matrix): In this concept we check whether all test cases are derived from the right requirements.

Some Important point about the Requirement Traceability Matrix.

  • Each requirements should have different unique requirement ID and each test cases should have different unique test case ID.
  • RTM should draw in excel where requirements IDs should be on one axis and test cases IDs on other axis.
  • The RTM should be creates as early as in the project.
  • RTM should be updated for every requirement change. New requirement is added or an existing requirement is changed or deleted.
  • RTM should be updated when a new test case is written.
  • RTM is very important document as it show relationship between requirement and test cases and it is very useful for review purpose before the testing phase start.
  • RTM should be stored in revision control system with backup/restore features.

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