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Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis

In today’s fast changing world we don’t have scope for errors, mistakes, fault and problems.
If that happened; then how to rectify the same and avoiding the reoccurrence of the same in future.
Quality of the product and services are important to customers and organization as well.
RCA is as reactive method to solve the problem.

So to avoid the future error or mistake in processing, we need to understand the current process and past errors or mistakes. For better understanding of loop wholes we use the technics that call Root Cause Analysis.

Root cause analysis define as “is a method of problem solving used for identifying the root causes of faults or problems” for problem solving; three basics questions are need to be asked.

. What is the problem(s)?
.  What did happen
.  What specifically should be done to prevent it in future?.


There are various processes to perform root cause analysis.
Will outline general process for performing and document RCA.

. Define the problem or statements.
. Gather the information and data related the problem.
. Use 5 why? Analysis.
. Classified the causes into category like causal factor and root cause factors.
. There may be more than one root cause for a problem, identified them.
.   Identify corrective action for each root cause.
.   Implement the solution.
.  Check the effectiveness of the provided solution.
Root cause analysis can be used for any problem, or in industry etc.









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