Root cause analysis is the process of learning the root of the problem for a product or process that a company may have to deal with. This technique is frequently used to determine why the problem has aroused at the first place. A problem is one action can stimulate another problem in another action and so on.

Ways of carrying out Root cause analysis


1.     The 5 Whys

The 5 whys method was established by Sakichi Toyoda, and it method was used to trace the main issue faced during the manufacturing  process of Toyota motors.  This technique is used to learn the base of issue caused in a single action. For each answer received, a further why should be asked.

2.     BrainStorming

It the process of gathering group of people to exchange views about the problem caused. The brainstorming discussion outcome will be often identifying the cause of the issue and coming up with appropriate solutions. Basic steps involved in brainstorming session are:

  1. Scheduling a meeting
  2. Notifying the group members about the topic which will be discussed in the session
  • Allocating a person to jot down everyone’s ideas.


3.     Tabular Method

The process of producing achecklist or table of actions corresponding to present running processes in any company  is known as Tabular Method. In case of any problem, one can verify the main check list to find the error in the process. This method is restricted for simple and direct actions.


4.     Fishbone Disgram

Fishbone Diagrams are commonly used in oraganisations. It is also referred as Ishikawa Diagram or Cause and Effect Diagram. Fishbone Diagram helps to identify all the potential causes which has actively affected or created the problem. Ishikawa has come up with five main areas to consider are: People, processes,machines, materials, enviroments.


5.     Decision Analysis

With the help of decision analysis method, business analyst will make decision or adjustments during vague, unfavourable and complex situations to establish unknown aspects. Various mathematical and economical calculations should be performed before determining the verdict on any issue. BA associated in the decision analysis should note business model or hierarchical approach to assure the decisions made of concern plans.


6.     Strategy Analysis

Strategy Analysis is used for the long term scope of an organization.  It helps in attaining the coveted gains for the business. This analysis helps in attaining the goal amd vision of a company. It also helps in operating resources and environment involved in a business.

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