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Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis (RCA):- It is method which is used to find out the root cause of problem or the “factor” that cause problem or defect and should be permanently eliminated through improvement process.

Root Cause Analysis consumes a lot of time and recourses, it required in depth analysis to get to real problem. So only when we are very sure about the problem that affects the process badly then only we need to take the action.

Problem solving process of RCA:-

  • Identifying problem
  • Analyzing the problem
  • Defining the root cause
  • Implementing the action required to eliminate the root cause
  • Validate the correct action have been taken or not

Benefit of Root Cause Analysis we can

  • Save time and money,
  • Problem are not repeated
  • Process cycle improve.

Types of Root Cause Analysis Technique:-

  • Group Thinking: – It is also known as Brain Storming, A group of experts meets together to find the exact cause of the problem and find a solution for it.
  • Fishbone Diagram: – It is also known as cause and effect diagram, Fishbone diagram include the potential cause of the problem and it is used in order to find the real cause.
  • 5 whys: – 5 whys tools works as its name, we should ask ourselves “why” 5 times in order to get to the sequence that causes the problem.

These three techniques will help us to get the Real Root Cause problem, and help us in the area that requires change, and also how to prevent the occurrence of the problem.

Example of Root Cause Analysis:-

A Drug company has been doing badly in last few months; the Root Cause Analysis revealed that the cause is related to non-optimum storage temperature which happened due to starting of the summer.

Solution will be refrigerators to store the drugs even while shipping it.

To prevent this issue, just follow the preventive action and corrective action.

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