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Roles of the Business Analyst

Generally, as a Business Analyst along with IT Company we work It Team.

Generally, IT Company develop Application for their clients. Technical team developed this application in IT company. Through technology technical team develop application for their clients.

Client means organisation they run this business processes and this business is subjective latest market trends.

From this business process IT company needs application to develop this application technical teams need various features that required from the client so this requirement and communication between client and technical team done by Business analyst.

This market trends all are IT application so client they need this all IT application to stay in markets the focus of the clients would be the challenges they are facing in the business and business process. The focuses of the technical team to develop these IT applications technology when the both parties interacts with each other their chances of miscommunication because their differences in different focus areas. To bridge this gap Business Analyst paly role in this organisation. For this Business analyst will interacting with technical team in technical language and interacting with Client in business language.

Responsibilities of Business Analyst –

Client Interaction – In the IT Company Business analyst work along with technical team and face of the team to the Client as business analyst is responsible for client interactions

Ownership of requirement – Client sharing the requirement with business analyst not always know the requirements 100% sometimes very new to some of requirements then business analyst learn about the requirement and understand about the requirements and handle the requirement according that share with technical team so any domain or any technology business analyst can work

Process re- engineering – Understanding the requirement is process by business analyst.

Role of Business analyst are as following:

-Pre Project role of Business Analyst – Business analyst before project initiate does company analyses for avoiding risk before starting the project – Enterprise Analysis, SWOT Analysis, GAP Analysis,  Market Research, Feasibility Study, Root Cause Analysis, Decision Analysis, Strategy Analysis, Enterprise Architectural Frameworks, Project Scope and Business case writing and Risk analysis.

Planning – this in planning business analyst plans and understands the goals and objectives of the project and also prepare the business case document – Cover all the questions what this project needs from the technical team and to find exact requirements from the clients –

  • Why is this project initiated?
  • What is current Problem?
  • With this project how many problems could be solved?
  • What are the Resources required?
  • How much Organisation change is required to adopt this technology
  • Time Frame to Recover ROI (Return on Investment)
  • How to identify Stakeholders

Requirement Gathering – The Role of the business analyst in the gathering requirements

From the clients through Elicitation techniques this means any interaction with clients which specific objective is called elicitation techniques – Elicitation techniques are Brainstorming, Document Analysis, Reverse engineering, Interviews, workshops, Focus Groups, Observation, Questionnaires. When business analyst follow this elicitation technique when get 3 c Advantages this stands for correct, complete, consistent so once gathered the requirement next step is Document the requirement following Standard – IEEE, CMMI, Company specific that is documenting the Requirement. After these Sort the gathered Requirement then Prioritize requirements following MOSCOW Techniques and Validate Requirements the requirement following FURPS Techniques.

Requirements Analysis – Model the requirement to communicate with technical team. Unified Modelling language from drawing Use case diagram and Activity diagram. Use case spec and business requirement and functional requirements also document BRD and FSD documents.

Design – From this Use case and activity diagrams technical team and Business analysis prepare Use case spec and test cases. Business analyst explains the technical the requirement of client in the diagrams to understand in better way.

Coding –ROle o In the phases if Business faced any technical process to understand then business analyst also arrange the Joint application development sessions. In this meeting Business analyst also clarify the doubts and turning the client for the User acceptance testing.

Testing – In this testing phase Business analyst need to perform high level testing with technical team updates the documents regarding the Process – RTM user manuals. Business analyst also understands client about the application and prepare the client for User acceptance testing. Also takes the sign off from client on the project acceptance form convince them about the testing.

Deployment – Business analyst updates and forward all the important documents to the clients that is User manuals and requirement traceability matrix. With the help of the Project Manger and Business analyst also prepare project closure document.

AS the Business analyst plays important role in every phases of the project.






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