• Business Analyst acts as the communication bridge between the client and the technical team which includes developers, QA team etc.
  • He gathers the information from the client and communicate them to the technical team.
  • Business Analyst will understand the business problems and work accordingly to achieve those goals by providing the proper solution to the problem.

Responsibilities of BA:

  • BA will have the client interactions for gathering the requirements using Elicitation techniques.
  • BA will prepare the BRD and FRD, along with the UML diagrams which depicts the clear understanding of the business problem.
  • BA handles the change requests.
  • BA will involve in process re-engineering.
  • BA is the prime member in gathering the requirements from client, so he takes up the ownership of the requirements.
  • BA will check through if the requirements provided by the client are valid using 3C formula (Consistent, Complete and Correct).
  • BA also drive through UAT with the client and technical team.

Role of BA in Scrum:

  • BA will do the requirements gathering and then conduct the sessions on the requirements gathered and analyzes the requirements.
  • Then the gathered requirements are made into list which is made by BA with the help of Project manager.
  • Then Epics and User stories are separated from the list and the list is shared to the technical team, for development of the business project.

Note: For migration project, the List has ‘enhancements’ and the existing changes to be made to the project.

Handling of Requirements by BA:

  • BA will do various Enterprise Analysis like SWOT analysis, GAP Analysis, Feasibility Study, Decision Making etc. for getting the clear picture on-
  • Why is this project initiated?
  • What are the resources required etc.
  • BA will then proceed in making BRD along with the client once after he completes Stakeholder analysis on the requirements using Brainstorming, Observations, Reverse Engineering, Interview, Questionnaire etc.
  • Then BA will sort the requirements for further understanding of the technical team.
  • BA will proceed in prioritizing the requirements for the technical team to work in the prioritized manner.
  • Then BA will validate the requirements using FURPS, SMART, CAE models etc. which represent the software quality attributes.
  • BA will then proceed in making the prototypes for those requirements using appropriate tools.
  • If the client approves the prototypes, then BA will proceed in drawing the UML models like Use case diagram and Activity diagram.
  • These UML models are then circulated to the technical team for the further development of the business project as per client’s requirements.
  • Based on the requirements, the BA will validate the solution and check if the technical team has built the right solution.
  • Once BA confirms the solution right as per business needs within the stipulated time, then he proceed to provide the demo to the Client.
  • If the client is satisfied with the demo, BA along with client and technical team conducts the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) as the final step.

How BA handles Change Request:

BA should always be prepared for Change request and their management as per changing needs of the client.

A requirement is something that usually changes as per the needs and usages of the users and clients and henceforth, that needs to be managed.

Before getting the Change request put into action, BA should:

  • Analyze the request, do the feasibility study if the request suits our business needs and meets the business goals before accepting it.
  • Do the impact analysis on how will it impact the change in the project i.e., major change or the minor change.
  • Do the effort estimation on how long will it take to implement the request into the project.
  • BA should identify if the request is whether the request for change or the defect that was from previous versions of the project.
  • BA along with project manager will analyze the issue if it’s a minor change and understand if the request isn’t helping the project much but increasing the delivery time and the efforts to be put in to get that request incorporated.

BA should be able to get all the stakeholders together on an agreement of the change request to be implemented and to avoid the delay in project completion.

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