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Role of Business Analyst in Scrum.

Business Analyst is most important and person plays a vital role in the process of SDLC, especially in Waterfall and Agile Methodologies.Both these processes function very differently but they Initialization is done by Business analyst as he is the point of contact for both the Client and as well as the Technical Team .


In the Waterfall Methodologies BA Works on a Lot of Documentation Throughout each step .In the contrary to waterfall methodology  agile methodology, the code itself at as a document  but it BA still plays an important role in  the scrum.   Scrum is a part of  agile processes where the major development takes place in SDLC .


The Business Analyst after Requirement Gathering Does the following tasks in the Scrum:


  • Conducts a Brainstorming Session within the Team where the requirements for the Upcoming Sprint will be discussed .
  • On Finalizing the Sprint Backlog ,The Business Analysts derives User stories from Use cases based on the Requirements given by the Client.
  • The BA sets an acceptance criteria for all User stories planned for the Sprint Backlog .
  • Providing Prototypes in case of UI changes to the Ui Designer or Developer.
  • Handling Changes Requests by the Client .
  • Supporting the Technical Team during the Development and Testing Phase .
  • BA will be the Frontface even during User Acceptance Testing.


Also in the Initial phase of Requirement Analysis ,the BA has to Understand Business Goals and Objectives by approaching the Clients needs as Product Owner .This will help the him Come up with innovative solutions .

Thus ,BA helps the Scrum Team To understand and Acts as a Pillar In the Entire Process.

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