What is SCRUM method?

SCRUM is an agile development method which concentrates specifically on how to manage tasks within a team-based development environment. Basically, Scrum is derived from activity that occurs during a rugby match. Scrum believes in empowering the development team and advocates working in small teams LIKE 7 to 9 members. It consists of three roles, and their responsibilities are explained as follows:

  • Scrum Master
    • Master is responsible for setting up the team, sprint meeting and removes obstacles to progress
  • Product owner
    • The Product Owner creates product backlog, prioritizes the backlog and is responsible for the delivery of the functionality at each iteration
  • Scrum Team
    • Team manages its own work and organizes the work to complete the sprint or cycle

Process flow of scrum testing is as follows:

  • Each iteration of a scrum is known as Sprint
  • Product backlog is a list where all details are entered to get the end-product
  • During each Sprint, top user stories of Product backlog are selected and turned into Sprint backlog
  • Team works on the defined sprint backlog
  • Team checks for the daily work
  • At the end of the sprint, team delivers product functionality

Responsibilities of a BA

There are several Role of Business Analysts in Scrum and there are certain responsibilities which a BA should adhere to.

  • Grooming the product backlog based on the prioritization provided by the product owner.
  • Analyzing the customer needs and finding the solutions to address them.
  • Creating the requirements in the form of user stories with appropriate acceptance criteria.
  • If in case the user stories have been already created by the product owner (with acceptance criteria), then reviewing them to make sure that every business rule is covered and the acceptance criteria meet the user story functionality.
  • Working with the product owner and the stakeholders to understand the scope, suggest improvements to the requirements,
  • Preparing documents like wireframes, design flow, UI etc., as and when required.


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