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Role of BA in Scrum

A Business Analyst has important role in SCRUM. This person is the link between the product owner and the IT team. These people are very important from the customer need to the sprint demo. If the technical team has any questions on the project these are first one to clear the questions. These people are very important in the initial phases of the project and also when the projects are large in scale. It is the responsibility of the BA to write user stories, acceptance criteria and also do wireframes. A BA should be able to make the stories clear and elaborate those if any doubts in them. Sometimes BA breaks down the stories with the PO and also prioritises them.

Some of the Responsibilities of the BA in Scrum are as follows:

  1. Breaking down the product backlogs on prioritization along with the product Owner.
  2. Analysing the customer needs and giving the correct solutions.
  3. Creating the requirements as user stories with appropriate Acceptance criteria.
  4. If in case all the user stories are given by the product owner then BA should be able to review them so that all the business rules are covered the acceptance criteria are meet the user story functionality.
  5. Working with the Stakeholders and Product Owners to understand the scope of the project and give necessary solutions to the project.
  6. Preparing Documents like BRD, FRD, Wireframes, Design Flow, and UI… etc.

BA also works with the Quality Analyst to analyse the test coverage, converting real world use cases in to test cases, providing inputs to the test functionalities. The BA also participates in the planning meeting to help the team in estimations by helping them to understand the flow of data, complexity and also dependency.

BS has to understand the requirements of the stakeholders and how the business should grow. Then based on the stake holders BA must create the documents, use stories, prioritization of the stories, answers to the questions about user stories.

BA should be available physically to avoid the gap in communication while conducting meeting as well as while clearing the queries. The role of BA in testing a little more than that in development. BA works with QA reviewing the test cases which provides insights In to the requirements. This kind of knowledge flow can help understanding the product functionality, the business rule, the customer expectation, the flows, dependencies.

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