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Role of BA in Handling Change Request

Role of B.A in Change Request:

I worked as a Business Analyst, and I was involved in some projects that effect changes within an organization. In some cases I was involved as key indicator of the change, whether it is gathering requirements from stakeholders to supporting the solution.

A business analyst always ready for the change requests and their management.

Change management will impact the scope of the project

The Project Manager is at the frontend engaging stakeholders along with the Business Analysts working to define the need, establish the requirements and support the solution through implementation.

The sponsor needs to understand the importance of being visibly engaged throughout the project in order for the project to be successful. Such visibility needs to translate actions that help the project meet its goals

When the change is requested in any project the BA will perform the following activities.

  1. Determine the scope of the change:

            The main point to remember is what exactly the scope of the change request is i,e, a change request could be related to the business, stakeholder, or functional requirements.

We need to involve all impacted stakeholders in collecting the requirements of the change, analyze those requirements, and validate the requirements.

Along with identifying the change, Business Analyst need to identify the benefit of making change or the business need developing the change as well..

  1. Determine the Scope of Incorporating the Change:

Once you understand what the proposed change is and why it’s important, the project team will need to develop a response to the proposed change. This naturally identifying the impact of the change on the technical design and project schedule, putting together a high-level implementation plan, and determining the level of effort to make the change.

3.      Gain Approval or Rejection of the Change:

With the scope of the change, benefits of the change, and information about what it will take to implement the change in hand, the change request form is ready to be presented to the change approval team. One thing to keep in mind is that most organizations have various levels of approvals to implement the change.

  • A change requests needs an hour of work to be approved the project by the primary business sponsor.
  • A change requiring a week of work might be approved by a mid-level management team who can authorize changes that have minor impacts to other projects.


In any organization the change request will be managed by the business analysts and as well as the project managers. Project manager permission need to be required for every change request that is implemented in the organization.


  1. Communicate and Implement an Approved Change Request:

Once a change request is approved, the project team needs to be identified and project changes need to be updated.




Manage the change or it will manage you:

So as a business analyst always be prepare for the change in the market. A change may be comes in various ways. It needs to be managed parallel way along with the latest updates in the market. Then only we can gain competitive advantage over the others in the market. If not in a position to accept and take advantage over change request then obviously there is no need of Business Analyst in any organization. The change will automatically take advantage over an organization. Hence proved that manage the change or change will manage you.






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