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Role of BA in Agile/Srum

Business Analyst should act as he owns the product on behalf of company, and should take appropriate decisions regarding Product, and take up the responsibility for success of the Product. Business Analyst should possess skills and must have ability to learn new skills to play this role .BA should develop a Product map, and aligning the stakeholder’s depending on the individual.

Business analyst must often help his/her peers in grooming the Product Backlog. And in Scrum, as grooming can be achieved with the team effort, Business analysts must take up the responsibility, as he/she should work closely with testers and technical writers.Business analyst should Broaden his/her expertise to handle and cope up with the working environment and Is responsible if the output is not in line with the client requirements.

Business analyst acting as an proxy Product Owner in Scrum may end up in extension of project period and Analyst may face problems due to miscommunication between the Business Analyst and Lead. At times If business analyst acting as an Proxy Product Owner and if Business lead isn’t aware of the grooming process the analyst is undergoing and may communicate the requirements with Technical Team in his perspective without contacting with the analyst and this will deviate software output with the Clients expectation and brings lot of problems to the Analyst.



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