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Role of B.A in Change Request

A Business Analyst should always be prepared for Change Request. In current Dynamic Environment, it is difficult to expect anything to be static. Client requirements are no exception for that. There might be different reasons for change requests like, as the project progresses new requirements may arise and the existing requirement may become obsolete due to technological changes which essentially result in Change request.

Usually, a change Request comes in two ways like an addition to the existing requirements or changes to the functionality of the given requirements and sometimes it can be both. Once a change request is raised it will be forwarded to the change control Board with a panel of B.A, Sr. B.A and Project Lead. B.A does all documentation of change request but the Project lead is a decision maker in handling it. A Change Request form is also maintained by B.A to have complete details like the kind of change, Reason etc.,

Understand the Change Request:

Initially, B.A should understand the Root cause and need for the change. Good understanding of cause can pave the way to identify the possibility of satisfying the change request with minimal change in existing requirement. It should be determined whether the change is a minor or major and then we perform different studies to finalize the Change requests. Here a B.A asses the scope of the change request. If the scope is high and may result in exceed in time and Budget such request are not acceptable.

Feasibility Study:

During the Feasibility Study, a B.A analyzes and understand the possibility of implementing the requested change.

Impact analysis:

Here the B.A assess the consequences of the change which may impact in different areas like shareholders, Functionality, and Methodology of the project. In such cases, all affected people should be intimated. Some times Change may occur in methodology of developing the software as well. All the complexities identified are explained by the B.A to Project Lead. If those consequences lead to any deviation from the core objective of the project it will not be accepted but if the expected impact is minimal then we go for it.

Efforts Estimation:

In this efforts estimation phase, B.A prepare the list of estimations of required faculties like the additional Time, Budget, Staff etc  attached with respective benefits and losses to fulfill the requested change.

These Change requests are not implemented without proper approval by the Change control board. Depends on the level complexity, scope, time, Budget, Methodology etc., the Request may or may not be accepted. In a Model like Waterfall, it is difficult to accept Change request where the same is quite possible in Agile and Scrum. Every step of this change request management is keenly observed by the Project lead in association with B.A. Involving the client during this process is also taken care by the B.A. Ultimately the perfect handling of the change request lies in the process of how best a B.A can involve the client in into it.

To sum the above when a Change request arises a B.A documents the request, find the cause for the request, identify the level of complexity and the impacts, estimates the efforts and discuss the same with the Project Lead and involves the client to successfully implement the change.

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