Definition:  It is a process that is used to define what are the requirements are be selected for the project. For this requirements gathering the business analysts has to be decided the correct and suitable requirements for the project. And it is the first stage of the process requirements gathering and it is identifying the inviting people to participate in the requirement elicitation process. The requirement communication is the part of his knowledge area takes into consideration and ensures that all of the stakeholders develop a common understanding of the requirements and the solution being presented with the ultimate goal of reaching a formal agreement on the requirements that the solution will meet the business requirements and develop the growth of the business. Determining the appropriate level and format of requirements communication is critical to the success of the project in the organisation.

Requirements elicitation:

It is the process for gathering exact requirements from the various stake holders and this this process is not straightforward as just asking the stakeholders what they want they system to do as in many cases, they are not aware of all the possibilities that exist, and may be limited by their immersion in the current state in the project. Requirement elicitation and understanding business objectives are an evolving if not iterative process. Requirements management includes understanding the needs between business or project objectives and the specific requirements that comes out from them such that any change or clarification of the objectives will result in a revised set of requirements that reflect the business priorities. Further more requirements management is needed to ensure that the knowledge gained about a business, business process, or system during the analysis phase is available in a useful form for future use.

Factors of the requirement communication

  1. Necessary:The requirement defines an essential capability, characteristic, constraint, or quality factor.
  2. Singular:The requirement should state a single capability, characteristic, constraint, or quality factor.
  3. Conforming:The individual requirement should conform to an approved standard pattern and style for communicating requirements. 
  4. Appropriate:The specific intent and amount of detail of the requirement is appropriate to the level of the entity to which it refers.
  5. Correct:The requirements must be accurate representation of the entity needed from which it was transformed.

Requirement communication analysis

Efficient communication planning is success of the project implementation. The stake holders are important of the project to provide the right information. And it is the tool to determine the information of the stake holder needs. And it create the roles and responsibilities of the project team and stakeholders. It can also be used to create the organizational chart.

Communication Method: Projects that come with a lot of communication problems often lead to frustration, delays, and conflict within the workplace. 

Requirement documentation: Requirement documentation in project management describes how the each requirements reach the business.

Collect Requirements: Collect requirements is a process that defines the documents and manages the needs and requirements of the stakeholders in the project.

The number of the communication channels represents the number of the stakeholders in the project. This allows project managers to have the better control over the distribution of information in the resulting to the project that has to be needed in the business requirement communication analysis.

Requirements Tractability Matrix:  Projects often have a lot of requirements and project managers need to have a system or process to trace all the activities of the system in the project.

Requirements Management PlanProject managers need to plan their requirements from the initial to ensure the success of their project in the business and to the organisation.

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