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Requirements communication Tip

Requirements communication tips
Requirements communication have ensures that all stakeholders have a shared understanding of the nature of a solution and a common understanding of the requirements.
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BA communication plan
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Formal presentation
Informal presentation
Reqs walkthrough
Reqs workshop
Requirements management and communication plan describes how the requirements needs to be handle with stakeholders in various stages of SDLC, what inputs, outputs, elements, uses to communicate.
Requirements communication aims to inform the project stakeholders about the package of requirements which are at different stages of their lifecycle.
Requirements needs to be discussed or analysed with various stakeholders or teams so that BA will be know how or in which way the requirements can be communicates easily.
It is well known from practice that the executives will not be interested in details as much as SMEs and solution developers and testers.
Use simple words, short and clear sentences you will save time, people will find it easier to get your point.

Know your audience
Who, what, when, which place have to know for effective communication

Communication objectives
Try to list your objectives use this list as a guide when you plan for clarify requirements? Is it a new ideas?

Plan for communication
Always have a plan for communication- stakeholder analysis (RACI matrix) so that you know your stakeholders

When present information to stakeholders try to support with a visual overview
This way people view the diagram and don’t spend a lot of time picking it apart

Step into the stakeholders shoes
Try to see things from the stakeholder’s perspective you will quickly find that some things are unclear, and clarify them when you meet with the stakeholders.

Use visual artefacts to display requirements and design

Requirements are communication in either of the presentation, workshop, e-mails to various teams involved in it as per BA plan or standards following in particular project in the organisation.
Business analyst have to be decide how the requirements has to be communicate to different level of stakeholders or teams involving in the project development team, SME quality analysis, solution architect, database architect.
Requirements can be easily understandable by all teams it needs to be document in such a manner there should not be any ambiguity in that.
BA should be always ready to explain wherever teams having issues in requirements understanding.
Solution, database architect have requires various diagrams class, ERT, activity, sequence use case.

Measure your communication success
Be mind on your objectives and ensure the success of the communication through
Audience answers on your questions or you answering their questions
Email responses.

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