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Requirements and Design

Requirements and Design:

Requirements are basically the need. But we often end up giving the design in the Requirements.

Requirements are specifically an external visible function or an attribute of a system.

Well, this shall give an clarity on what is the prime difference between the Requirements, Design Documents and the Business case.


Business case Requirements:

If we need an External visible function then the Requirements document doesn’t talk about the objective and aims.

The goals and objectives are mentioned in the Business case, these are always validated against the Requirement Documents.

Business case talks about the opportunities and the challenges.

Business case is all about the aspirations of the system.


Requirements Document:

The misconstrue is with requirements is that they should not design the documents.

Requirements Document is all about how the functionality of the system should work.

The functionalities how a system should work.

This has the External Interfaces, Functions and Logical Data bases.

External Interfaces : Describes the logical levels in a  database :

Purpose of the screens

Data formats

Allowable ranges of data

Everything about the In and out of the system


What the system should logically perform, with:

Validity checks

Inputs used and outputs produced

Error handling

Logical Database:

The logical requirements are:

Types of information held

Entity Relationships


Design documents:

Things not included in the Requirement are the design documents.

Physical aspects on how a system is built

How the functions splits code modules

Interfaces between the modules

Physical database structure.

Design documents involves in the physical design of the system.

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