Requirements is identifying the current business needs and documenting, analyzing the purpose of goal. Requirement is all about understanding the organization business need , provide solution and make profit of it.


How to understand the business requirement needs?

The following process aids the business people to sort it out.

  1. Identifying the right choice of stakeholders.
  2. Analyzing there project goals and responsibilities.
  3. Elicitation of stakeholder requirements.
  4. Documenting all the requirements given.
  5. Prioritizing  and validating the requirements.


Types Of Requirements:

There are different types of requirements to understand for business solutions:

  1. Business Requirements
  2. Stakeholder Requirements
  3. Solution Requirements
    • Functional Requirements
    • Non Functional Requirements


  1. Business Requirements:

The business requirement is a high level requirements, which is dealing with needs of enterprise.  It describes why the project has been kick started. This kind of requirements precise on organization goals , and not on group of stakeholders or groups.

Furthermore, this requirements have general principle to derive the documents based on certain parameters

  1. Organization Statement
  2. Vision of project
  3. Budget given
  4. Resources available
  5. Project Scope
  6. Time-line



  1. Stakeholder Analysis:

It can be  known as  user requirements, the focus on the end user or group of stakeholders who must be satisfied. It builds relationship between business requirements  and solution required for the organization.

While documenting the stakeholder requirements , it should be from the end user point.

These requirements are documented in User  Requirements Document (USD) . they must be signed off as primary inputs for system requirements.

For instance, Creating an account for end user customer, which is more specific and detailed compared to the organization needs.

These documents are constructed on high level to satisfy the characteristics what stakeholder or user had described in the business requirements.


Technical Requirements:

The technical requirements covers the infrastructure of the project.

  1. Hardware: It define the physical hardware need to run a system.
  2. Software: what kind of software required to run operating system
  3. Interoperability: these standard are required to communicate the exchange of data
  4. Internet: these manage . support and govern usage of internet and web related services.


  1. Solution Requirements:

The solution Requirement analysis the specific conditions for both the stakeholders requirements and business needs. It provide more clarity on solving the problem and delivering there needs.


  • Functional Requirements:

It specify the behavioral, responses , information, rules or operation of a solutions. It describes under what circumstances the behaviors and response should be happened to yield the expected results.


3.2Non-Functional Requirements:

The non- functional requirements depends upon the environmental factors  which must remains the quality and solution of the system.

It can include the usability, reliability, performance, security, accessibility, design, documentation, capacity and information architecture.


Other General Business Requirements:

There is also other factors considered for the business defining. These are discussed wider in nature.

  1. Business Constraints are deal with timeline and budget which are involving the external resources.
  2. Business policies are standard which meet the current regime. These look upon the business strategies and policies to be defined.
  3. Legal and regulatory should be followed according to the General Data  Protection  Regulations
  4. Branding on the logo or particular typeface of the organization consistency.
  5. Companies dealing across the borders internationally needed language to communicate the needs



Difference b/w Requirements and Needs
Needs Requirements
Need is wide spread to achieve a goal Requirements are more of specific and precised
Its a independent factors It depends on various contraints to achieve the goal
It has more lower level and detailed requirements it can be more than one requirements to satisfy the customer
it deals between organization and end user whereas it depends on whether the customer happy or not



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