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Requirement Qualification Schema

Requirement means the needs of the client or to slove a problem or achieve an objectives
to perform its function.

There are different types of requirements are:

1.Business Requirement: It defines the objectives or needs of the enterprise to be fulfilled in order to meet the projected goals.
It shows the process that must be executed the data is needed in order to complete that process.
2.Stakeholders requirement: These are the requirement that are describes or discuss into details by each stakeholder. It defines how stakeholders
will interact with a solution which serves as a bridge between business requirement and the various classes of solution requirements.
3.Solution requirement: It describes the feature of a solution that are required to meet the higher level of business and stakeholder requirements.
The solution requirement are divided into 2 types of requirements are as follows:

i. Functional requirements: It defines the capabilities or behavior and information that a product or system will be able to perform in terms of
behavior or operation to its users.

ii. Non-functional requirement: It does not directly relate to the behavior or functionality of the solution, but describes quality attributes,
design and implementation constraints and external interfaces that the product must have.

4.Transition requirement: Such requirements describes the capabilities required to transition from current to the future state. They are no longer
needed once the transition is completed.

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