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Requirement Management

Requirement Management

What is requirement?
Requirement management is the process of capturing, assessing and justifying stake holder needs.
Purpose of requirement management:-
 The main purpose of requirement is to ensure that the organization meets all the need of the stakeholder.
 In order to meet the requirements we have analyze, document, prioritizing the given requirements in a order to produce a desired software or project.
 This can be done once after getting all the information from client, usually we can get information through some elicitation techniques.
 Usually client interaction will be done through BA and PM, where all the requirements are extracted by them and sort requirements and then communicated to the particular team.
 There should be no duplicate while communicating with the team members or overlap.
 Project manager will look in to the given requirements in a order manner by making a log or documenting , to achieve the desired software or project need by the client.
 If any changes occurred while doing in the middle of the project then again need to see the impact of the changes for the current running or development.
Stages of the requirement management:-
• Investigation
• Feasibility
• Design
• Construction and testing
• Release
In this stage all investigation will be done, that mean what kind of software and purpose of the software ,in early if you are holding any software if so then what did you need at present and collecting all the information which is related to the functional and non functional requirements.
 In this stage where all the time and cost of the particular project can be done.
 Calculating how many man hours required and man power or resources required to the particular project.
 Project manager and stock holders must determine what exactly is required to ensure the project is visible from economic stand point.
 They must analysis if the organization had all the technologies capabilities and resources to achieve the goal or if additional resources will be required.
 After investigation and feasibility stages, the project that moves to the design phase.
 In this phase where the development will begin as per the given requirements.
 In the design phase the main requirements management activity is comparing the results of the design against the requirements document to make sure that work is staying in scope.
 In the design phase where the whole project is divided in to different phases, in order to complete with in the time ,if not then it is a scope creep.
Constructing and testing:-
 In this phase where the project constructing & testing can be done.
 That mean once after development of final code, project need to test.
 While doing testing a project ,the project can be tested has per the test case only.
 Once after the testing is done then the developed code can be moved to the production server from the development box or server
 We can say this project is ready for go-live .
 In this phase where we need to get the final approval for the developed project that mean it is a go-live section.
 We can get a situation where while releasing a project we can get some more add-ons that need to develop.
 In this case they can go for the next release,if the client accepts if not then again they have to ask for client to extant the time for the new add-ons.
Is requirement management is necessary:-
 Yes it is necessary ,why because to know the exact requirements from the client side and need to know how the current project is developed.
 Without knowing all the exact information its not possible to deliver the project in time.
 Need support for the entire life cycle development of the project.

It provides a better communication between the stake holder
Requirements can be managed in a systematic order.
Helps in completion of project with in the time and budget.

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