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Relationships In Use Case Diagram

Relationships In USE Case Diagram
1) Definition:-
Use Case Diagram are those diagrams which are referred to the behaviour of the set of actions performing by Actor or other third parties.
2) Benefits of Use Case Diagram:-
A) List of all the activities are in summarised format.
B) It is proactive actions of project planning.
C) It is a systematic framework of business requirements.
D) It is beneficial to understand the user’s need & to check whether they will meet as per the expectations or not.
3) Relationships In USE Case Diagram:-
A) Include:- Include means parent class doesn’t exist without the child class.
E.g. If we are taking the example of Log in Gmail, the system is asking for the User Name and password which are child class (in short they are mandatory).
Sign Of Include:- ———–>
B) Exclude:- Exclude means parent class does exist without the child class. With the same example of Gmail log in, if the system is asking for the phone number or any other details ( inshort details are optional).
Sign Of Exclude:- ———>
C) Generalisation:- In Generalisation, the user/actor get options like either or.
E.g. If we are going to shop something, either we are making the payment through Card, Cash.

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