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RACI Matrix in Project Management:

Stakeholder analysis is a project management technique used to identify the project’s stakeholders, issues they care about and how they will be impacted by any project. Creating a stakeholder analysis will outline the essential people we need to communicate about the progress and scope of the project, the topics which we need to keep them informed like the project progresses etc.

RACI Matrix is an approach to define the project roles and responsibilities which helps to produce desired outcome. RACI matrix is generally used in a project to have more insight of the various participants of the projects and their individual responsibilities during each phase of the project.

RACI matrix which is also called RACI chart is used by organizations for stakeholder analysis since the matrix gives a clear picture of the list of stakeholders and their responsibilities in each phase of the project.

R – Responsible

A – Accountable

C – Consulted

I – Informed


Responsible in the RACI chart represents the individual who must complete a task or make a decision. , anyone responsible for getting something done is assigned with an R. Using this roles and responsibilities matrix, several people who might be responsible for various tasks and decisions can be defined in the form of a chart.


People who are deemed accountable in the RACI matrix include individuals who must sign off or approve tasks, decisions, and objectives. Same individual can both be responsible and accountable , but only one person should be accountable for a task or a deliverable


Mostly the Subject matter experts or the client will be part of the consulted in RACI matrix, since they are the persons who might be able to confirm if the plan or change is what is expected for a task or a deliverable


Individuals who are required to receive updates on the progress of any specific task or a whole project will come under “Informed” category. Individuals who directly don’t contribute to any task or decision or project will be in “Informed” category.

Responsible vs Accountable in the RACI Matrix

In a roles and responsibilities matrix, the same person can be both responsible and accountable for a task, however, not everyone responsible for a task can be held accountable. This is because while there might be several people responsible for a task (such as members of a team), only one individual can be accountable to sign off tasks, approve decisions and be responsible for deliverables. The one who is accountable is not only charged with the successful execution of the task but is also answerable in case there is a failure to provide deliverables on time.

Please find below sample RACI Matrix:

S. NoProject ActivitiesProject SponsorKey StakeholdersProject ManagerTechnical architectDevelopersTestersBA
1Requirement Gathering CAAA R
2Analysis  I   R
3Development  IC/AR  
4SIT Testing  I  R 
6Implementation(LIVE movement)  II  R

Benefits of RACI Matrix:

  • Aligns with Organization strategy
  • RACI matrix takes the organizational strategy down to the individual level, so every employee knows what they need to be doing to contribute to the company’s success.
  • Helps to save time in meetings
  • With RACI matrix, we will get to know exactly who needs an invitation to a particular meeting based on their roles in a particular project or process, saving the time of those who simply don’t need to be there.
  • Enables employees to be more engaged
  • When you define which category of the RACI model each employee fits into, you’ll reduce the amount of confusion associated with typical projects and processes.
  • Assists with employee training
  • Once when we know which employees are assigned to which part of the RACI model, we will be able to ensure employees in every category get the right kind of training.

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