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RACI Matrix in Project Management (Blog1)

RACI Matrix in Project Management (Blog1)

Any software project flows from the SDLC having different stages for its successful development. 2 most famous SDLCs through which most of the software project flows are Waterfall and Agile methodology. Waterfall model is a traditional model and is considered to be one of the most rigid models whereas agile model is the latest model somewhere came into existence in late 90s. Development of software project following any model for its successful completion the very 1st step is to perform stakeholder analysis. Considering a project to be in waterfall model the very first stage is the Pre-project phase followed by the planning and estimation stage where there is a participation of SR business analyst and project manager. 3rd stage is the requirement gathering stage where business analyst comes into a picture. When the project enters into this phase the very 1st step to follow is to perform stakeholder analysis. To identify each stakeholder who are involved into the project, there name, designation, working timings, Mail ids, phone number, office timings etc, once they are identified they need to be listed down and summarized and finally prepare RACI matrix. RACI matrix stands for responsible, accountable, consult and informed. RACI matrix is table form matrix in which list of requirements are noted down and list of stakeholders (Name/Designation) are mentioned in the columns. A matrix that identifies each stakeholder who are responsible, accountable, consult and informed for the all the requirements that are into the project is RACI matrix. It is considered to be one of the easiest method/way to perform stakeholder analysis.

Responsible – As the name suggests a stakeholder who is directly responsible for the particular requirement is said to be responsible stakeholder for that particular requirement. Eg. Preparing business case document a project manager is directly responsible during Pre project phase. Eg.2 For gathering requirement in the project a business analyst is directly responsible. For coding programmer is directly responsible person in a project.

Accountable – A stakeholder who is not directly responsible but partially responsible for a particular requirement or depended on particular requirement is said to be a accountable stakeholder for a project. A stakeholder who is 2nd responsible for the requirement is said to be accountable person related to a project. Stakeholders who review the work of responsible stakeholder and make sure the team has understood the particular need of the requirement into the project and complete the work on time.


  1. For gathering requirement a project manager is said to be an accountable person for the project who is not directly but partially responsible for requirement gathering.
  2. For preparing test cases a business analyst could be said a accountable person into a project.

Consult – A stakeholder having particular stake into a project is said to be consult stakeholder. A stockholder having authority of the particular requirement of its approval or disapproval is said to be consult person. Such a stakeholder could be a project manager, client or could be a person with some higher designation into a project. These stakeholders are mainly responsible for giving the approvals over the tasks performed by the team into a project.


  1. For UAT approval client is said to be consult stakeholder in project.
  2. For change request approvals project manager is a stakeholder with whom consultation is to be taken.

Informed – These stakeholders are said to be of least priority in the list for the particular requirement. Stakeholders who are just to be informed for a status of the particular requirement into a project could be considered of this category. People who are just to be kept in loop for particular requirement and with whom there is no responsibility, accountability or any kind of consultation are informed stakeholders. These people are usually from outside the project that is just need to be informed regarding the status of the requirement which will not affect the progress of the project.   

To summarize RACI matrix is the matrix that is prepared by the business analyst at the very initial level during requirement gathering phase and can be considers a very 1st step during requirement gathering stage. It is one of the best ways to identify all the stakeholders present into a project which showcase their stake into a project.

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