RACI Matrix.

What is RACI Matrix?
* A RACI Matrix is a simple tool used to clarify roles and responsibilities during a Project or organisational Change.
* RACI stands for Responsible , Accounatble , Consulted and Informed.
* A RACI matrix enables you to specify who is responsble , who is Accounatble , who should be consulted , and who should be informed, for every task that makes up our project.

Meaning Of R-A-C-I

R: These are the people responsible for doing the work of the task. There can be more than one and they actually perform the task.

A: Accountable is the person who takes accountability to get the work done as Specified or in specification. Essentially, the accountable person must sign-off the work that the responsible person produce.
There should be only one Accountable person.

c: These people whose input is used to complete the task. COmmunication is 2-way.

I: Those people who are informed as to the status of the task. Communication is 1-way.

RACI Matrix best practice
1. create the RACI Chart with your team to ensure their Buy-in.
2. Be it only one Accountable person for the given task.
3. Ensure that the Accountable actually have the authority to sign off on the task in question.
4. Try to push the authority down the organisation by assigning A’s to the lowest rank people possible.
5. Can R’s be removed from a task to enable it to be completed more quickly?
6. Can C’s be reduced? Too much 2-way communication slows a task down.
7. Too many I’s can create a reporting burden. Is it possible to agree the plan and then only inform people when something exceptional happens?

* Provide clarity over who is to do What.
* Allows you to ensure eash task has the right roles assigned.
* Helps to avoid the Blame Games.

* If a Task has lots of R’s- Who is responsible?
* Can take trail and Error to find the right granularity.

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