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Question 1: What are the basic requirements of a business analyst?

To become a successful Business analyst the person must have the Ability to Communicate, Technical Skills, Analytical Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Decision-Making Skills, Ability to Negotiate and Persuade, All Around flexibility and Ability to be a Manager.

Business analyst act as a bridge between the IT company and business stakeholders. By assessing the process he determine the requirements and deliver the data driven recommendation to stakeholders.

Business analyst engage with many business stakeholders, end users so he must be having the domain knowledge. Business analyst need to have strong understanding of regulatory and reporting requirements as well as enough experience in budgeting ,forecasting, and financial analysis along with understanding of key performance indicators.

Some basic requirements of BAs are Critical Thinking, Analytical Mindset, IT Skills for Business Analysts, Technical Skills, Probability and Statistics, Programming Skills, Being Able To Run Meetings With Stakeholders, The Ability To Spot Patterns, The Ability To Drive Others, Creative Presentation Skills and Good Listening Skills, Ability To Understand Delegated Objectives,Modelling Skills, Understand Why You Are Looking, Documenting and Writing Reports, Business Knowledge and the Soft Skills To Acquire It.

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