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Prototyping is nothing but freezing of requirements before design and coding stage. Here in, prototyping we provide the blueprint to the client which gives the look and feel of actual project.
Client will be clear with the idea how the project is going to develop. Probably the prototyping is not the actual system but it shows the overall functionality of future system. There are some advantages and disadvantages of prototyping.
Advantages of prototyping

• Gives actual idea about the proposed system
• All mock up screens defines the flow of the system which is feasible to client to interact with
• Beneficial before developer to understand the actual logic of system so that he can think in that
• There is a scope of addressing the problems at the early stage of project
• It gives the feel of interacting with the actual system
• It saves time and money for project development

Disadvantages of Prototyping

• It limits the creativity of UI designer
• It creates the complexity of project as actual project may expand than the mock up screens
• If the predictions about project have been wrong at the prototyping phase it will reflect
throughout the development phase.

Mostly prototyping is good for the systems where there is lot of interaction in between the system and end users. It gives the link ups in between each and every page in the application. Mostly the online portals, banking sites, mobile applications can be represented by prototyping tools. There are various tools used for the prototyping and some of them are listed below

• Invision
• Justinmind
• Axure
• Origami
So after knowing the above information we can conclude that basically prototyping is a term which the clear picture to the client about all his requirements and client can add his ideas about the actual system.

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