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Prototyping model: Advantages and Disadvantages.

Prototyping model:

Prototyping model is a method of system development in which a prototype model is created, tested and then reconstructed as per necessity until an appropriate result is attained by which we develop the complete system and product. Based upon the client requirements, the design is created and the prototype model for a particular design is modelled and delivered to the end users, then based on the feedback from the end user the appropriate changes have to be done.

This is the sequence how the prototype model works:

  • Determination of Objectives.
  • Developing the code.
  • Communication and refinement.
  • Demonstrate
  • Test and implement.

Different Phases involved in the Prototyping Model:

The different phases of the prototyping model are as follows:

  • Communication phase: In this phase the developer and Client call up for the meetings and then talk about the objectives that need to be achieved for the software.
  • Design phase: The design phase starts as quickly as the requirements are cleared from both ends that is providing and receiving end. Which are mainly used to construct the prototype model. It includes important aspects of the software that is input and output but mainly focused on visible aspects than planned activities.
  • Modeling phase: This phase provides a best idea of the requirements to be developed in the software and for better understanding of the software product.
  • Deployment phase: The client evaluates the software and if the client is not satisfied then it is refined according to the client’s requirements this all is done before the development process begins.

This process goes on until the point client requirements do not accomplish. After the client’s satisfaction with the product, the product finally deploys to the production environment phase. On a regular basis it is thoroughly evaluated and tested, and maintenance is done.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prototype Model:


These are some advantages of prototyping model are as follow:

  • This model has always increased the involvement of the user and developer in creating the product to be on the same page.
  • The user is able to understand what has to be done and what is left according to the requirement at implementation time. If required this helps in changing the requirement at an early stage.
  • This prototyping model defects the bugs at an early stage only.
  • This model is feasible as it helps in reducing cost and time.
  • This model helps in providing feedback from the user and changes things accordingly to his requirements.
  • In this model, it is easy to identify the missing, confusing, and difficult functionalities.


The disadvantages of prototyping model are as follow:

  • It is difficult for the user to find the difference between the actual product or system and prototype model.
  • Where insufficient requirements are mentioned by the client, this prototype model does not work effectively.
  • The complexity of the system and its deadlines are Increased.
  • The existing prototype model is not so feasible to use to develop the new system.
  • There is a lot of effort involved to build the prototype model of the system.
  • As it takes a lot of time to develop the new prototype model, therefor it is referred to as a slow process.
  • It hampers the productivity of the development team, Due to a lot of changes that confuse the client and lack his interest in it
  • It is thrown away if the users are not satisfied with it.


There are many systems that have been developed with the prototype model and has achieved success as well for both developers and client. This is a dynamic system development method, having evolutionary system method and rapid method is being developed. There are some tools, screen generators are developed with this prototype model.

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