Prototyping and wireframing are the terms used in representing basic frame work of a website / project.

example: lets take construction of a house as example in which the basic site plan for house is wireframing, and implementing the plan to make home is prototyping.
{wireframe = skeleton and prototyping = muscles, will make a good match}


Wireframe is also called as screen blueprint,which are created for a particular purpose.they are page layouts of a website content which include navigation systems,information elements and how they work together.it lacks any styles, colour, graphics as it focuses on the behaviour, functionality and priority of content.
they can be pencil drawnings,sketched on different boards,using softwear applications;ect


Prototyping is also called as designing/programming.it is the complete representation of the final project/product which is more in detail then the wireframe. it is generally used to evaluate new projects/products by the clients.it has all the specifications like a real working system,it involves graphics and texts.they are prepared using softwear applications.

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