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Prototyping and it’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Prototyping and its Advantages and Disadvantages

The Basic Idea of Prototype Model is to build A prototype before designing or coding can proceed.
It is developed so as to understand what all things are required depending upon the currently known requirements.
By using this we can get a feel of what the actual application might look like
Prototyping is good idea for complicated and large systems.
Prototype is not a complete system, the actual goal is to provide a system with overall functionality.

Users are actively involved in the development
In this the users gets a better understanding of the system being developed.
Errors can be detected early
User Feedback is available
Missing functionality can be identified easily

Leads to implementation and then repairing way of building system.
The scope of the system may expand beyond original plans.
Incomplete application may cause application not be used at all.

When to use Prototype Model:–
It needs to be used when the desired system needs to have a lot of interaction with the customer.
Prototyping ensures that end users constantly work with the system and provide feedback.
This feedback can be incorporated in the prototype so that we get result in usable system.

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