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Project Scope Statement

What is project scope statement?
It a document which defines the scope of the project. It is a boundary set for a project to work.Project scope statement is primarily an output of Define Scope Process. It help team during the execution of the project and also evaluates whether the change request or additional work are within or outside the project boundary. It ensures that the team dont end up doing work which is not a part of requirement and also the expected amount for work is done.
An efficients project scope statements avoids scope creep.
Why Project scope statement?
A very commen reason for a project failure is a lack of a clear and agreed defination of what project expects when started.Assumptions are common and stakeholders will always be disappointing when their assumption turns out to be different to the project team’s.
In the below 3 ways the project scope statement will leard a project to success
It does this in the below three ways
It defines the boundaries of your project
It ensures a common understanding of the project among stakeholders
It helps manage scope creep.
A definition of the scope of the project gives the project manager and the project team a fair chance of delivering what everyone expects.Scope management for a project begins with a project scope statement.
Who are involved in the project scope statement ?
Its a project manager responsibility to document the project scope statement and its requires input form multiple stakeholder, clients, project team and may requires input form expert oustide the organisation.
Elements to be avoided while documenting project scope statement.
Scope that is not appoved : A project manager needs to identify the area where the scope is defined but not approved. He needs to make sure that any scope without approval should not be in the project scope statement.
Scope that is not needed : Project manager should clarify areas where the scope could easily be misunderstood. He should be aware for the project requirement and should avaoid including things that are not asked by the client.
Elements to be included while documenting project scope statments
Scope statement: It should define in one sentence what the poject will achive after its completion.
Objectives: Its a high level statement that explain what are the project’s desired results . Objectives are actions and should  begin with the verbs like train, create etc. The objectives answers the specific question – what does success look like ?
There should not be more that 8 objectives in a single project scope statement.
Constraints: Constrainst are the things that could avoid the work of the project to complete on time. Comman constraints are found in areas like technical, financial, operational, geograpical, resources, legal ect. Its important to make a note that constrains are not risks.
Project structure: Every organissation follows its own project structure and that structrue should be documents in the project scope statement.
Roles definition:  Once you have outlined the project structure, it is important to define each role within the project. For each role you must define the specific responsibilities. These can and will change from project to project. Some roles requiring definition are:
Project manager
Project owner
Team leader
Team member
Project advisor
Team definition: Its a lists of associates which will define who will work on which role and what tasks are assigned to that role.In large projects ist a part of resource planning.
Assumptions: Thos section includes the assumptions made while starting the project. Project manager must make sure to evalue each assumtion in terms of being true, real and certain.
Deliverables: If objectives are verbs, as we stated earlier, deliverables are the nouns. They are usually things you can physically touch. There are two types of deliverables: intermediary, meaning they are to be used in subsequent tasks on the project and final deliverables, meaning they are turned over to the customer at the end of the project. Examples of deliverables include: the project plan, a training schedule, and training manuals.
Approval: The scope should be signed and dated by the project manager and the project sponsor.
Creating a detailed Project Scope Statement will help you lead your project to success

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