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Project Scope Management Processes

Project Scope is a process that defines the cope of the work that is included in the project. I basically , outlines the work that needs to be done for completion of the project .Project scope Includes below :

  • Objective
  • Task
  • Output
  • Deadline
  • Budget

Project scope is an important part of project planning it states what team needs to , what activities they have to perform , in order to successfully delivery project . It includes that is important for the project , every functionality ,feature and everything for the success of the project .

It is also important for keeping team in track and measuring goals achieved, it also helps in tracking growth and work on drawbacks or gaps in the project. The whole goal of the scope management process is to develop a scope management plan at the end. If you’ve already done this for other projects, you will find that one scope management plan can serve as a template of sorts for other projects.

There are 6 steps of project management

  • Plan the scope management process: The very first step is planning the scope management, the main goals here is , to identify the scope of the project and what needs to be done for its completion .
  • Collect requirements: After scope planning , requirements are collected to make sure we deliver same thing that client expect .This is know what you are suppose to deliver . Requirement gathering is done by using various techniques .
  • Define Scope : Here Project scope are clearly define in writing for overall project clarity. This includes stating what is in and out of scope for your project. Your project scope statement is a vital reference point throughout the duration of the project.
  • Create a work breakdown structure: As everything cannot be done at a time , here works are breakdown into smaller achievements or gaols so tat it is easy to track them . A work breakdown structure is the document that breaks down the work and assigns tasks to responsible parties. This document or chart tells teams and individuals what deliverables they are responsible for in what amount of time.
  • Validate your scope: Here we get approved all the work done in previous stages .The scope and deliverables has to be presented to stakeholders so that they can add inputs or make changes if any . 0nce everything is approved, project manager, are in charge of accepting any changes and applying them to the project scope statement.


  • Control scope: Once the project is executed, it is the project manager’s duty among other things — to ensure the project stays within the defined scope. If things change, as they so often do, it is also up to the project manager to confer with stakeholders and adjust scope accordingly. One simple way to control scope is by looking at weekly performance reports to ensure all teams are tracking to succeed.

While wording project scope PM should very clear , it should be validated by stakeholders and clients to avoid future ambiguity . This helps in misinterpretation keep both the parties clear about deliverable .

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