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Project Scope Management Processes

Managing a scope of project is a very crucial task. Project scope describe the outline and boundaries of the project. A Project scope summaries everything which needs to achieve project goals and avoid scope creep. Project Scope contains goals, time frame, impediments, achievements, cost and other important measures which help the project to be on track. Project scope management helps team to focus on what is essential and important in the project. It also helps manager to stay on track and make sure that all timelines to be followed throughout the project.

Below are the steps of Project Scope Management.

  1. Planning the scope management process.

Planning of the scope management is done on the basis of what inputs the project plans.

It is also important to understand the requirements from stakeholders and what is their expectations from project.

  1. Requirement Gathering

Gathering of requirements is very important aspect in project scope management process. Using elicitation techniques like Interview, Focus group, brainstorming, JAD, prototyping, group discussions, and observations, requirements should be gathered from stakeholders.

  1. Defining project scope

Defining a precise project scope statement will help the team to understand what is in and out of scope in the project. It acts like a roadmap for the team. It includes objectives, intended result, deliverables, what is included and excluded.

  1. Creating work breakdown structure

Work breakdown structure is basically to split the work and assigned to concerned teams. At this stage, you also need to initiate a well-defined project timeline, set milestones, and identify the project’s critical path.

  1. Validating the scope

In this step you need to validate the scope. The scope which is created needs to present to stakeholders and should get it reviewed and approved.

  1. Controlling the Scope

This is the final step of Project scope management. Monitoring and controlling the scope is very crucial throughout the project. Project manager to make sure that the project must stay within the defined project. To avoid scope creep project manager should compare performance reports with the project requirements since client requirement may get change at any time.



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