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Project Scope Management Processes

Project scope – Scope defines what work is required & managing scope ensures that the defined work is completed. Project scope is the work or activities that the project team will perform in order to deliver the work output or the product.
Project scope management processes
Plan scope management – Explains how the scope will be created & how it will be verified, validated & controlled. It facilitates the creation of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). It also describes the change request process.
Collect Requirements – The main activity here is to gather the requirements from stakeholders.
Elicitation Techniques – It is the process of collecting the requirements of a software from stakeholders.
1.Interview – One-on-one
   Structured approach – Particular set of predetermined questions are prepared.
   Non-Structured approach – Questions not decided in advance. Unprepared.
   Open-ended questions – Answer will be in detail.
   Closed-ended questions – Answer will be in one work like yes/no/true
2.Focus groups (Team size – 8to12) – Small set of SMEs
   This group comes together to discuss on predetermine topics.
   Homogenous – Similar people with similar skillset, interest, believes, belong             to same domain.
   Heterogenous – People with different skills, different domains.
3.Brainstorming – Aim is to produce creative & new ideas as much as possible.
4.Workshops – It’s mostly between BAS and clients. It’s for longer time.
5.JAD – Joint application development is high value meeting. Technical team will go with BA for discussion about requirement to client.
6.Observations – Watching what others are doing.
   Active – Side by side questions & explanation.
   Passive – Take notes, ask doubts later if any.
7.Questionnaire/Surveys – They are predetermined set of closed-ended or open-ended questions. It is used when stakeholders spread across, large population.
8.Prototyping – Shows sample of working model.
Scope statement – It defines the boundaries of the project.
Create WBS – Work breakdown structure provides a detailed description of the work that is required to complete the work packages.
Validate scope – validating that outputs have met requirements. It is done at the end of each project phase to get approval for phase deliverables, as well as at other points to get approval for interim deliverables.
Control scope – It involves monitoring the status of the project & managing changes to the scope.

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