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Project scope management processes

Project scope Management Process
Ans – Tasks that are necessary for a project completion have to get included in this process.
Firstly know your goals and keep the whole team on the same page and respective to that make effective and efficient strategies to remove the roadblocks and conflicts coming on the way during the project.
Foremost important part of the project is to gather requirements from the stakeholders.For this we as a team have to consider the stakeholders as well as the end user. We can consider this by using the JAD sessions, Focus groups or Surveys , these are the best ways to gather information or requirements.
As a Team, we have to identify the deliverables , features and functions of the solution we are providing in terms of the requirements asked for. For this we have to document each and everything. Monitoring of the Budget.
Break the projects into smaller parts and assign the work role to each one in the team so that task tracking can be done effectively , this way productivity increases.
Lastly after the project gets deployed , PM has to ensure that project stays within the scope and if they don’t , then also PM has to ensure the client for an immediate solution so that business does not get hampered.

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