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Project Scope Management Processes

A process which helps in determining and documenting the list that contains project goals, task, deliverables, budget during the planning process Is known as project scope management. As the project is subject to change or modify over the course of time it is essential to have scope management in the beginning making It easier for teams to manage and do the needful changes.

A good project scope management provides a clear picture about the labour, time and cost that are involved in the project and it also helps to avoid common issues like

  • Constant change in requirement
  • Pivoting the direction of the project although you are in mid-way
  • Realizing that the end product outcome is not what was expected
  • Crossing the discussed budget
  • Project deadline falling behind

Project scope management is a six-stage process for accurately defining it

  1. Plan scope management
  2. Collect requirement
  3. Define scope
  4. Create project breakdown structure
  5. Validate scope
  6. Control scope

Plan scope management

First stage is to create a scope plan document that we can refer in future. It mainly helps in validating, managing, defining and controlling the project scope, it need not to well detailed if it serves the purpose and we can also use previous management plan for reference for the current project. It contains statements of detailed project scope ,breakdown of project requirements, change control process of the project and excepted deliverables

Collect requirement

Second stage of scope management process involves bridging the gap between stakeholders’ requirements and expectations. It involves documenting the project requirements, expectations, deliverables and budgets through    elicitation techniques. This stage is crucial because of stakeholders’ expectations being unrealistic often and it helps the project manager to step in right time to find the solution which will be acceptable by everyone in team. Following are the some of the requirements that will be collected during this step

  • Functional with non-functional requirements
  • Requirements of stakeholders
  • Business requirement
  • Support requirement along with training requirement
  • Requirements of the project




Scope defining

Scope defining step is where the requirements are turned into  well description of the service that will be provided and product scope statement is prepared that can be useful for reference throughout the project

Preparing project breakdown structure

A document that provides the breakdown of all the works that as to be done in the project and assigns the tasks to team members is called as project breakdown structure. It also contains the list of deliverables that are to be delivered along with their deadlines. Project management software can also be used to assign, prioritize and track the entire project progress and also to avoid unnecessary obstacles

Validation of scope

The scope and deliverables that are recorded are sent to project executives and stakeholders for their approvals. Validation of scope has to be done before starting the project to find the any wrong doing when things did not go well as per PWS structure

Scope controlling


It is project managers duty to ensure the project begins as per plan with the scope has been already defined and he should also follow proper change control process if project require any changes

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